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Cateogory List Page in WordPress

How to List All Category Posts in WordPress

The naive way of doing this is to create a blank page, then insert the link manually one by one. This is time consuming and error-prone. Besides, when you add a new post related to that category, you would need to update this page manually.
You can create the list of category easily by using “List category posts” plugin.

How to Style Tag Cloud in Wordpress

How to Style Tag Cloud Widget in WordPress

Wordpress offer Tag Cloud Widget which display all the tags from your website. However, the default style is quite basic, where it just display the tag in text form with varies font size depending on the tag number.

How to create Wordpress Thumbnail using Photopea

How to Create a WordPress Featured Image or Thumbnail using Photopea

For Chinese characters, we need to select the font that support Chinese character which is Unicode encoding. If the inserted text is displayed as squares box (☒☒☒☒☒), this mean the selected font does not support Chinese characters. First, you need to highlight the text, click the font to display the dropdown menu, tick Chi-Jap-Kor to display only fonts that support Chinese-Japanese-Korean characters. Select the desired font (Recommended Source Han Sans for Chinese characters). After you changed, you should be able to see your Chinese characters (e.g. 义云高大师)