How to List All Category Posts in WordPress

Cateogory List Page in WordPress

If you have many articles under a same category and would like to list all of them in a page (e.g. 第三世多杰羌佛办公室). This type of page helps the audience to get the big picture of post related to the particular category, especially when the category contains child categories. Through this page, the audience can access to all the related articles link without needing to navigate page by page.

The naive way of doing this is to create a blank page, then insert the link manually one by one. This is time consuming and error-prone. Besides, when you add a new post related to that category, you would need to update this page manually.

You can create the list of category easily by using “List category posts” plugin.

Once you’ve installed the plugin, you can list the posts by category using the [catlist] shortcode. For example, if you would like to list the post by category name “Sports”, just write

[catlist name="Sports"]

It will show the posts related to Sports category

By default, it only list the 10 posts. To change the number of displayed posts, you need to specify numberposts parameter. For example, to list 50 Sports category posts

[catlist name="Sports" numberposts=50]

For list all category, just specify -1 as the value of numberposts parameter

[catlist name="Sports" numberposts=-1]

So that’s it, it is that easy to list the category post with a single line of shortcode. Another good thing is when we add a new category post, it will automatically display the new post in the list without the need of modification.